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Topic: Re:OK cattery anyone?
Posted by: Claudia Jachtmann
Date/Time: 27/09/15 13:35:00

Judith, if you enter 'cattery' into search box,
you'll find lots of entries

and below, i am reposting one of mine :

i do 'cat holidays'
i come and entertain your cat in your own home
as well as feeding, grooming and any medication it may need and changing litter
games depend on the kind of thing your cat responds too
hence i will come armed with cat nip and other toys, cat games on the ipad,
and your cat will get plenty of cuddles, as and when he/she/them are ready for them to come to me for their snuggles
i usually take a book or a movie to watch on my ipad
so there is no rush on my part
and i stay until kitty is 'fed up' with me
i.e. completely relaxed and curled up asleep somewhere
on average that is about 3 hours a day
also happy to water plants and look after property
i come once a day and charge 15 per visit in Chiswick
i can send little updates and pictures and kitty greeting to an email adress you have access to
and a little summary of what we have been up to
so you can enjoy your own holiday fully and know your kitty is having a nice time too, is eating properly etc
i can provide references
let me know if this appeals

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