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Topic: Re:Next Time You Stay in a Hotel
Posted by: Alex Thomas
Date/Time: 25/09/15 21:04:00

Well, i got one, but not quite as funny as me usual posts.... I went to court the other day, but sadly i couldn't get social services to find a day care centre/hotel to look after my highly disabled wife whilst i was there. So, i tried several care homes in the area and their stock answer was it must be a week stay with prices between £1000 to £1600. So, i took her with me instead and into the courtroom. I was fully intending to plead not guilty on account of the fact that a lying, cheating coward and bully of an undercover cop had falsified his statement to cover his ass having not followed proceedure in the first place. The prosecutor hit the judge with a load of legal shit under the Road Traffic Act which would have taken me several weeks of intense legal swotting and disseminating to see if they had a point or not, so i took the view that councils' bi-borough legal services team wouldn't openly lie to a judge in front of me in court and changed my plea to guilty with mitigation, which was clearly visible because i was having to tend to Nicole's needs in court and in front of the judge at the time of my hearing. The upshot was a £15 fine, with all costs being paid by the council concerned. As a result of my professional training and experience, I was able to work out the approx number of hours spent and the average salaries, given the seniority, of all the officers and state officials   involved over several months in the piddly little matter. So, the cost to the tax payer is in the region of............. £20000. Now, if the right action had been taken by the undercover cop at the time of the alleged incident then a PCN should have been issued, which would have cost me more........... and the tax payer substantially less.

However, i do plan to save the state some money by not lodging a formal complaint against the lying, cheating coward of a cop who thinks it's ok to abrogate the law in order to enforce something that didn't 'warrant' enforcing.

That said, if there are any of you out there from a broadcast or tabloid media backgorund, who would welcome a 'public interest' story like this to highlight why we've got no money for proper bin collections, then feel free to PM me.

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