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Topic: Danger from some gas hobs
Posted by: Adrian Irving
Date/Time: 25/09/15 08:42:00

f you, like me, see no reason to update something that seems to work fine I suggest you think again when it comes to older gas hobs.

Ours was knocking on for 15 + years old, a good make, and kept well but recently the flame  started to go out on simmer.

I gave the rings a good clean with a wire brush, soapy water and pipe cleaner even though they seemed OK.

No improvement so I arranged for our gas guy to call and take a look.

A day or so later my wife was cooking on a HIGH gas when suddenly the flame when out and the gas stopped flowing only to come back on again a few seconds later but
not alight.

Bloomin heck how dangerous is that?

Having isolated the hob  my gas guy came last night and explained this does happen to older models that do not have a device that detects the flame has gone out and automatically  shuts the gas off.

A quick trip to John Lewis to get a new hob and all is now well.

If you have an older hob a  test would be to light the ring as usual, blow the flame out and see if the gas cuts out after about  of 40 seconds if it doesn't you may have a potential problem that you might like to action.

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