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Topic: Calling Local Crafters
Posted by: Karen Adams, Our Barn
Date/Time: 17/09/15 11:50:00

Hello Chiswick!

I think I was last on here to tell you about gardening at Osterley Park for young people with learning disabilities. That's coming on a treat and we secured a full year's funding on the basis of the pilot we ran.

We're taking our next steps: developing a social enterprise that will contribute to our running costs. We want to sell craft items at local craft fairs and markets. Do you have a 'horde' of unused craft items you would like to donate to a local good cause?

We're looking for card-making bits and pieces, wool, fat quarters and so on. If you have anything please let us know and we can arrange drop off/collection.

We are also going to be holding a craft social very soon, in a relaxed environment such as a coffee shop. Let us know if you're a local business with a suitable venue.

We would like to meet over tea and coffee, and recruit micro-volunteers who can donate a small amount of time making cards, knitting, crocheting either at home or in our new craft room that we are setting up in the BridgeLink Centre in Isleworth.

We are using the phrase 'Learn, create, donate' to sum up what we're trying to do, and are currently building a website called Crafting for Community.

All comments and feedback welcome.

More about Our Barn here: 

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