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Topic: Chisiwck Library
Posted by: David Darlow
Date/Time: 15/09/15 15:31:00

I don’t know how many website regulars are users of Chiswick Library, but perhaps some share my concern about the way it has been allowed to deteriorate this year.
If you should go into any bookshop – Waterstones, for instance – and be confronted with just endless shelves of book spines, it would soon go out of business. That is why they have displays, books facing outwards, stands with the latest best-selling releases – anything to encourage you to pick up a book and read. 

Until recently Chiswick Library had 17 such displays. Then, overnight, nearly all of them went.  It provoked an outcry from library users, and eventually one or two were restored. But gradually, stealthily, they have now started to disappear again.  The main library room now has none, and complaints to Hounslow yield no reply or reasoning.

Add to this the rota system that John Laing employs for its library staff. Each spends just a day in Chiswick before moving on somewhere else. The result is that none of them has any affinity to, or interest in, the place…here today, gone tomorrow.  The few displays that still remain go largely untouched…one has been in place for nearly three months.

All the accent now seems to be on computer useage, and readings aloud to children. Books and reading, the main purpose of a library, have become somewhat incidental and archaic.

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