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Posted by: bobby osborne
Date/Time: 14/09/15 17:37:00

I wonder If Geoffrey will follow Dickie Bird and Ray Illingworth with generous words for their fellow tyke now that the finger has gone up for Brian Close for the last time...

'One of cricket’s great feuds, between England and Yorkshire legends Brian Close and Geoff  Boycott, has been re-ignited during the Headingley Test against New Zealand.

The pair have spent many years in hostile confrontation. But this time the dispute involved Close and Rachel Boycott, wife of the Yorkshire president.

Mrs Boycott was deeply unimpressed to find Close, 82, enjoying a cigarette in one of the rooms in the new Headingley pavilion where smoking is not allowed, and made her views very clear.

Close claimed he was being interviewed for a book about Yorkshire cricket and needed a smoke to help with his memory. Yorkshire committee onlookers say a shouting match developed.

However, Close said he put out his cigarette but didn’t like the way he was told to do so.

Boycott blamed Close, England captain at the time, for not backing him when the selectors dropped him for slow scoring following his 246 in 573 minutes against India in 1967.

And in 1986 Close advocated Boycott’s removal from Yorkshire, saying: ‘We just couldn’t carry on with a cult figure grinding out his personal glory while the rest of the players simply made up the numbers.’

The feud flared up again in 1996, when Boycott launched into a detailed list of his grievances against Close during Ian Botham and Allan Lamb’s High Court libel case against Imran Khan.'

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