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Topic: Re:Local property Market
Posted by: Paul Corcoran
Date/Time: 13/09/15 09:25:00

'Is it true 1000s of flats have been sold in Brentford to Asian and Russian investors where there is little chance of them being completed?'

Almost definitely not. Russians don't tend to buy small units in secondary locations and Asians have not yet been big buyers outside central London. Most flat developments in Brentford appear to be going to owner occupiers or UK based buy-to-letters.

'I have been told the 12 houses nearly completed which were the Pocklington homes in Goldhawk Rd have no buyers?'

Doubt this very much given the shortage of family houses in the area.

'Also the block at 7 Stars Corner I hear has only had occupation of the S52 Social housing flats and 3 flats from an Asian investor . otherwise they remain unsold. About 40 flats?'

Possibly, it's not a great location

'Given the 40+ estate agents in W4 and the August sales returns I have seen [ who knows if they are right?] strikes me there are loads of issues out there . I can hardly believe the rentals can subsidise all but a few of them. Might account for hoards of suited people delivering leaflets locally and even knocking on our doors '

The general decline in volumes in the secondary market and probably explains estate agency staff moonlighting as leaflet deliverers. Demand is definitely still there - I know of several people who are looking for investment opportunities in the local area. The yields are still relatively attractive.

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