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Topic: Local property Market
Posted by: John Martin
Date/Time: 11/09/15 21:09:00

Curious what the take is on this . I hear worrying rumours.
1] Is it true 1000s of flats have been sold in Brentford to Asian and Russian investors where there is little chance of them being completed? Given that its almost impossible to send a parcel to Russia I am hardly surprised.
2] I have been told the 12 houses nearly completed which were the Pocklington homes in Goldhawk Rd have no buyers?
3] Also the block at 7 Stars Corner I hear has only had occupation of the S52 Social housing flats and 3 flats from an Asian investor . otherwise they remain unsold. About 40 flats? .
This may of course all be wrong it just what I have heard. Others will know better. Come in please . Given the 40+ estate agents in W4 and the August sales returns I have seen [ who knows if they are right?] strikes me there are loads of issues out there . I can hardly believe the rentals can subsidise all but a few of them. Might account for hoards of suited people delivering leaflets locally and even knocking on our doors

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