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Topic: Re:Dogs in children's fenced playgrounds
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 12/09/15 15:40:00

Tina, you need to contact Carillion.They administer all of Hounslows parks and open spaces.I have been trying to get a bench put in Harvard Hill park for the dog walkers.It seems strange that there are 2 benches in the childrens playground where you find mainly young mums and children and there are no benches anywhere else in the park for us old farts to take a rest.John Todd again came to the rescue and a bench is finally going to be installed.By the way, myself and another man cleared out a lot of beer bottles and broken glass from the childrens playground this morning.I take my dog to that park every day, and have done so for the last 8 years and I have to say the only dogs I ever see in the childrens play area are dogs that belong to women who have taken their kids there.I don't know why they don't leave the dogs outside.As long as people shut the gates, the dogs can't get out.It's totally secure.It's a shame people with kids that come into the park don't close the gates.Some do, most don't, especially if they have a pushchair/pram with them.A few weeks back I met a woman on the pathway.She had just come into the park and left the gate open she did have 2 kids with her, but no pushchair.As we passed I asked her if in future she would mind closing the gate to keep the park secure for the dogs running around off lead.She told me to f*ck off.Oh well.You are right though Tina, most people usually get on well with each other in that park.I'll see if I can find the lady's name at Carillion for you

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