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Topic: Dogs in children's fenced playgrounds
Posted by: Tina Smith
Date/Time: 12/09/15 15:21:00

We are very fortunate in Chiswick to have a number of our playgrounds recently renovated - in particular: Harvard Hill (Grove Park) Strand on the Green and Dukes Meadow.  However, since renovation I have noticed that the original signs asking people to keep their dogs out of the playgrounds (and quoting some bylaw or other) have not been replaced.  Does anyone know why?  Has there been some change to the law, or is it just assumed that people 'know' to keep their dogs out of the fenced play areas? 

I have from time to time seen people let dogs into the fenced area in the Harvard Hill playground - despite the fact that dogs already have free reign to run around the large park that it sits within.  I have asked the owners for the sake of the kids (especially toddlers who can be nervous around dogs) and to minimise risk of  fouling, to take the dogs out again.  I am lucky that no one has refused and challenged me, because there is no signage from the Council to back me up. 

I have contacted Hounslow Council numerous times for a sign to be put up in the Harvard Hill playground but nothing happens (surprise surprise etc).  On Thursday early evening, I saw three dogs inside the playground, unleashed.  There is also frequent dog fouling alongside the slides, swings and other equipment, so this must be a fairly frequent occurrence - despite the fact that the vast majority of dog walkers are incredibly respectful. 

I have done some initial research online but am not getting a clear picture of what the law is on this. I could use some insight here as there is no point me contacting Hounslow Council again without it.   There has to be a legal reason why the signage was taken down and has not been replaced?? Or is it just lazliness and/or financial??

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