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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re: New Brentford stadium
Posted by: Paul Corcoran
Date/Time: 11/09/15 09:52:00

This from the previously mentioned article on the front page currently:

"Hounslow Council say that they have experienced some difficulties in the consultation being carried out for this application and that there was an error in the date given as the due date for any submissions. Originally people were told that they had to respond by 31 August in letters they received on 24 August. Reportedly key local groups like the Strand on the Green Residents' Association were not informed at all.

"A Council planning officer in an email to a local resident admitted that the scale of the consultation which involved contacting 14,000 addresses had proven a difficult task for the existing software operated by the Council and had taken a considerable amount of time due to the physical capacity of available printers. They now need to correct and resend any letters with errors and are extending the consultation period by 21 days."


I been told that the public enquiry into the acquisition of the Duffy site is ongoing and that the current owners basically want a piece of the action and are holding out for a better deal.

Does anybody know who pays the bills for a public enquiry like this? If the cost is paid by the taxpayer for what is essentially a commercial dispute then this would be scandalous. Also presumably if Hounslow lose they (or more accurately local Council Tax Payers) will have to pay the costs of the enquiry. Essentially this means the developers have been give a free ride at the public expense. Rather than come to an agreed settlement with the owners of the land they knew they had a risk free shot at getting the land cheap by getting Hounslow to issue a CPO.

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