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Topic: Re:Re:Never Trust a Asset Manager
Posted by: Bernard Allen
Date/Time: 09/09/15 16:48:00

Richard TUPE did apply.

Without going into a lot of personnel detail on a public forum, I can say that the younger employees had their pay and pension made up to there existing rate I believe for a year.

There were a number of employees who were given advice as to why they would be loosing a lot of money per annum, and it might be better to seek employment back with your present employer or with another company

We delved into some pay grades and it looked like a long serving tradesman in my company was earning a similar yearly salary to the department heads of the new company.

Thatís all I can say, but it was sorted out by our trade union to the satisfaction of all parties involved

On a more humorous note, Our head of section (who was the only person in the company who knew this was going to happen) left the company and we all club together to by him a expensive watch. When we found out, we sent a deputation to his new company and demanded the watch back, and got it.† 

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