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Topic: Never Trust a Asset Manager
Posted by: Bernard Allen
Date/Time: 09/09/15 13:28:00

I was introduced to my company’s Asset Manager who advised us the our section would be helping him an others to carry out an innovatory of the engineering assets.

We were introduced to another suited and booted gentleman who said he was an Insurance assessor.

It took three months to complete the innovatory and we said our goodbyes to who we thought  were quiet nice guys as management go.

The sting in the tail came a few months later, when engineering was sold off overnight without anyone knowing it was going to happen, It was sold  to an outside company and I was in a job in the evening and out of a job by 12 noon the next day.

The Insurance assessor was actually the asset manager of the company that purchased the engineering side of the company I worked for.

Remember the asset manager not only keeps a record of your company’s assets for Insurance and other purposes, they also assist in the selling off of company assets. 

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