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Topic: Re:Re:Bank Holiday Parking
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 06/09/15 21:54:00

"There's a thread on the Ealing forum from someone who had exactly the same experience in Ealing Broadway."

That was from Jean Fernandez who also posted about it here.  That case was rather different as the signs were ambiguous, and I suspect that two enforcement officers interpreted them differently.  Ealing have now cancelled that PCN.

But in this case, the signs are perfectly clear, and I would expect any CEO to know that there was no exemption to the yellow line rules on public holidays.

Julie's only defence is that the passing CEO (not traffic warden) gave her incorrect advice.  She would need to be very precise about what question she asked and what reply she received if this was to be the basis of an appeal.  Did she, for example, make it clear that she was referring to the south side of the road rather than the pay-and-display bays near M&S?

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