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Topic: Bank Holiday Parking
Posted by: Julie Thomerson
Date/Time: 06/09/15 08:58:00

During the recent Bank Holiday I decided to drive over to Chiswick High Street to do some shopping.  I noticed that the bus lane opposite Marks and Spencer's was full of cars as was most of the parking on single yellow lines. I managed to find a spot and asked a passing traffic warden if it was ok to park? The sign by the bus lane did state no parking Monday-Saturday  but it was a Bank Holiday, which I assumed meant  Sunday Parking ! But I asked the warden just to be sure.... What a silly mistake ! After he confirmed it was fine to park  we headed into Marks and Spencer only to return to the car 20min later to see that every single car including ours had been issued with a ticket !!  Why not add a note to the signs stating that restrictions are also In force on Bank Holidays ?  We obviously cannot trust the wardens if we are unsure !

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