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Topic: Re:Re:Latest rates
Posted by: Linda Leaney
Date/Time: 03/09/15 23:35:00

It will depend on the amount you need. ATM charges can be prohibitive if your bank charges (most do) and you only withdraw small amounts at a time, as it tends to be a fixed charge per transaction. Equally, paying bills by credit card normally incur a charge. And both ways, the exchange rate will not be great, as they have a captive audience.
I normally carry decent amounts of cash, and only use credit / debit cards for hotel / resto bills > 200 equivalent. I also like having cash in case small places don't take cards; also in some countries (eg. France) speeding tickets are immediately payable by cash. If you don't have cash, in France they will escort you to the nearest cashpoint. We have unfortunately experienced the cash only policy in France where driving an obviously British car a bit fast pays the price.

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