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Topic: Re:Re:Cat boarding
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 03/09/15 11:12:00

John - Three options:

Jill Merrett comes highly recommended - I've not used her myself (in fact we have not met in person though we have exchanged emails) as I have a friend who comes to stay with my fosters when I go away, however I've been in Chiswick for 13 years and have only ever heard good things about Jill.  Specifically that she will spend time with your cat playing and cuddling her.  I have no ulterior motive in recommending Jill - am just going on all the comments and recommendations I've read and heard from other people.

I foster for animal welfare and although your cat won't have attention all day staying in your home, I do think its better to leave cats in their home environment - most cats don't like other "stranger" cats and smells and its also stressful for them to be taken to and from the boarding kennels.

Having said that, if you are really stuck, PetCare in Brackenbury have a recently refurbished cat only boarding kennel, with a dedicated boarding nurse who takes the cats out each day and plays with them and fusses them.  A friend of mine put hers in there for 10 days in an emergency and they were fine when they came out.

Thirdly, Trusted House Sitters are endorsed by the RSPCA - these are people who will come and live in your house and care for your pet whilst you are away.  They have had very good reviews, though again I've never personally used them.

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