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Topic: Cat boarding
Posted by: John Keeler
Date/Time: 02/09/15 08:57:00

Hey Chiswickers, quick question regarding boarding for cats. We recently rescued from the RSPCA (Southall Cattery, superb!) and our little bundle has quickly acclimated. We have a few trips coming up (some for 2 days, others for 3-5) and my fear is to hire a cat sitter/socializer to come 1-2 times a day to feed and 'play' with her. My mother-in-law in Belgium has a 17 year old cat that she leaves with an elderly woman (we call Madam Chat) who has converted her home into a sort of 'Club Med' for cats (her children have long moved away). It's a wonderful environment where the cat is guaranteed to be fed, socializes with other boarded pets, and has the freedom of not being stuck in a cage/kennel for the time they travel.

Is there such a service, or 'madam chat' here in Chiswick? Or can anyone recommend an alternative? We don't like to leave her alone for long (I work from home, so the constant companionship has been crucial to her acclimation), nor do we trust that a service/sitter will deliver as promised. We have neighbors but don't want to over-burden.


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