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Posted by: Paul Hughes-Smith
Date/Time: 01/09/15 20:22:00

As I have been involved in discussions with TFL for over 2 years on the state of the foot bridge, I find it strange that the reason given for not re opening it on time is that Ealing Council are carrying out refurbishment work. In my discussions with TFL they always maintained that it was they that controlled the bridge and that they would charge anyone else for doing work on it ( they even at one point maintained that it was the responsibility of Richmond station!). I did ask the CEO if they would carry out refurbishment work on the bridge over the project period but was told it was structurally sound but he said he would ask " our maintenance team to improve the condition of the stair treads and also inspect the drainage' So it looks like Ealing is having to pick up the tab on this one despite not being really responsible and shouldn't the work be shared with Hounslow anyway? I do welcome any improvement to the lighting whoever is involved however.

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