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Topic: Re:Short Let / Rent (6 months)
Posted by: Linda Leaney
Date/Time: 31/08/15 23:22:00

Just bear in mind: anywhere you rent won't be perfect, but it's for a short time (really!) the obvious solution is to save some money and rent as small as you really need, and spend the saved money on some fab kitchen appliances / additions to your house, which you'll appreciate.
. We saw some rentals in places you just couldn't sell a house (eg on the A/M 4) or far from a tube (but I commuted with a 4 cab every day to Shepherds Bush). Andy is right; move out a bit if you can; if you can't for work / schools, Acton or Shepherds Bush are nearest / cheapest. I rented near Churchfield Road, Acton, and found a couple of fab shops I still go back to, you might find a new neighbourhood interesting too.

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