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Topic: Re:Short Let / Rent (6 months)
Posted by: Linda Leaney
Date/Time: 31/08/15 00:01:00

We had to move out for 4 months, for similar reasons, if this helps:
1. Contact all local estate agents early, there's a lack of ST housing in Chiswick  (we had to move to Acton).
2. Bills: not having a bill in your own name means you may not get a temp parking permit in another area (especially Ealing, if you normally live in Hounslow). We got round this by 'moving' our TV account to the rental house (also we wanted our TV package) so Ealing accepted this as proof of residency ( although if you are 6 months+ there may be different rules to 4 months).  You may for ease want to consider a flat which has guaranteed off road parking, or a house with a driveway, all utilities bills were included.

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