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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Canon MG5350 error message
Posted by: Christopher Bell
Date/Time: 30/08/15 14:47:00

Disconnect the mains, turn it upside down, and give it a good shake.
You can clean a cartridge by placing it on tissue dampened with well diluted washing up liquid (not dripping wet), switch on, and pull the mains plug when the cartridge pops out 
Ink jet printers are usually sold cheap because the profit is in the consumables, although some may last until the cartriges are discontinued. Any leaks from a cartridge will often destroy the control board, and repairs often cost more than a new printer.
There are plenty of perfectly good secondhand laser printers available on ebay at the moment, toner cartridges are pricey but do not dry out and will print large numbers of pages. They are generally much more reliable.

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