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Posted by: bobby osborne
Date/Time: 27/08/15 14:30:00

Peter Blake is a lovely chap.
Some of his friends stay in my house when they come to visit him as he is just round the corner and is not in the best of health nowadays..
I think he gets fed up with being constantly referred to as the creator of the Sergeant Pepper Album cover and even the 'Godfather of Pop Art' tag is a bit limiting.
The critic who wrote the book about me was going to ask Peter Blake to write the foreword as we have a shared interest in fairgrounds, popular culture and ephemera.
But he was away so we chose the much sexier Sylvette David, who apart from being a very good painter, was Picasso's muse and the 'girl with the ponytail' who inspired Brigitte Bardot to adopt 'the look'..
The French street artist Jef Aerosol stayed at my house a few years ago when we were both working on the Banksy Waterloo project and he painted a life size Nick Drake on the door in the alleyway opposite Peter Blake's house.
It was removed by a trophy hunter next day so no one, including PB got to see it.

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