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Topic: W4 kipper hunt...
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 27/08/15 11:49:00

(absolutely nothing to do with Maisie, UKIP/politics, sleepwalkers or unreconstructed dorises)

.. this is an important hunt (no dogs) to hook/net and then crown Miss W4 Kipper 2015!

kippers smoked herring (they say) are packed full of magic stuff called omega 3 - which oils those parts of the brain others can't reach. They also help stop our arteries clogging-up and might even save us from early onset of you know what....

but where to find and buy Chiswick's top kipper..???

(leaving out tasteless boil-in-a-bag offers and packet jobs from the Summer Isles...)

I've now road-tested the excellent manx kipper on sale in the TGT fish shop and rate it a good to very good seven out of ten. Far better than the under-aged kiddy-kipper occasionally on sale at Sainsbury which gets a charitable two minus (or six months in jail if eaten on the sabbath)....

My fave (so far) is the succulent Craster kipper on sale at Waitrose...

head, shoulders, fins and scales the best by far..... nine plus out of ten.. 

any other kipper freaks (there aren't many of us) with ideas/sources?

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