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Topic: Blue Badge Blues
Posted by: Arnold Saxton
Date/Time: 22/08/15 14:41:00

Woke up this mornin', feelin' oh so tired (repeat)
Cos today my wifey's Blue Badge...expired

Took the documents to Lampton over a month ago (repeat)
Told 'usually a fortnight', but why has it been so... slow?

Last Wednesday spent 20 minutes on the phone (repeat)
Nobody answered - maybe no-one... at home.

Also sent an e-mail, sayin' 'put on some speed'.(repeat)
Never had an answer maybe they can't... read?

Friday trekked again to Lampton, feelin' sore (repeat)
Was told 'it's gone to Able 2 - not ours... any more.'

Able 2 say they work in strict order of receivin' (repeat)
But they'd fast-track as a favour, seeing as I'm... grievin'.

But the dossier has then to go back to the Lampton crowd (repeat)
Only then will we know if the renewal is... allowed.

So tell me, LBH boss, please tell me do (repeat)
Why it takes 2 sets of people just to... renew.

Think of all the aggravation, all the stress that I bear (repeat)
And answer one more question: Do you really... care?

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