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Topic: Re:Best Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown??
Posted by: Linda Leaney
Date/Time: 21/08/15 15:09:00

I find restaurants in Chinatown are very hit and miss, good one day, surly service the next time. So I just peek in the window and see whose duck hanging up looks good, and where the queue isn't too bad, tbh
if i may suggest some nearer to W4? Bayswater is often overlooked, Royal China is a solid bet. Near Paddington station, in the new(ish)  Paddington basin is Pearl Liang, which I rate. China Boulevard on the river at Wandsworth has lots of big tables and river views ideal for family get togethers, with a handy multi storey car park next door. I've also heard good reports of  Shikumen at Shepherds Bush, but not been there yet myself.

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