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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Split in the tube unions?
Posted by: Claire Diaper
Date/Time: 14/08/15 22:54:00

Aslef stand was over the implications of the night tube and the working rosters for the drivers. At ACAS london underground agreed to withdraw the proposed rosters so Aslef have now suspended strike action while talks take place. The threat of strikes from Aslef still stand and can call again at any time as ballot is still active but due to both sides willing to talk suspended in good will.
You are quite right the RMT hold memebers right across the network signallers, control room and station staff as well as drivers. so disruption is very much likely. Aslef only represent train operators on london underground but do have the majority as members around 2 thirds.
If i remember back to the last RMT strike a service did run but had stations closed along the route at different times of the day and was no way as regular as a normal day.

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