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Posted by: Delilah Hall
Date/Time: 11/08/15 10:23:00

When my boys were youngsters, I used to spend a night with them camped out on the trampoline during the height of shooting star season (not too comfortable if one of them got the fidgets, it would cause a sensation of seasickness) so that we could stare up at the sky without getting a crick in the neck... we did see some scorchers but never the 60 per minute we hoped for!
Usually just a quick fizz of light - followed by..'Did you see that?'.. 'No, I missed it'.
I now stand alone at about 3am if the skies are clear, in the middle of my front garden (the trampoline long consigned to the tip after the spreading greengage tree caused near concussion on several occasions) and I give myself an hour to watch. I cannot stand in the back garden where the skies stretch further because it sets the ducks off quacking. They get excited and think they are going to get a late night feast.
If I see 5 decent shooting stars, I retire happily to bed, complete with obligatory crick in the neck!
60 per minute? These people must have revolving gun turrets for heads! 5 is a goodly number! Every one worth the patience!

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