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Topic: Re:Re:For any budding nightsky watchers..
Posted by: Andrew Craig
Date/Time: 11/08/15 01:43:00

Unfortunately being in Chiswick takes the observed mph (meteors per hour) count down by at least a twelth. ie from 60 to 5 which does make it quite a long night.
However this can be offset be an occasional total fluke - like a lottery win - in which one night during an annual shower I just happened to be out the back at 1.30am having a quick cig and shooing the local foxes away from the bins  when after seeing a quick couule of cutomary feint flicks acroos the sky 
I was then met with what appeared to be a burning rock from above! I felt the crackle in the air and saw and felt the heat trail of what appeared to be a comet that might be no more than 3000ft high as it passed north to south across the back yard as quick as a flash. I might have blamed having a good night out but could also smell the 'burn' (as if cordite ) in the air.
The cats also responded in alarm - so I was not on my own. I doubt I will ever experience that again but gad I did

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