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Topic: Re:Re:Insulating My Loft - Best Supplier
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 05/08/15 16:01:00

Did it myself with the help of a young man.  We still have a cold water tank so insulation important.

My research showed that I could do the roof area but  leave an air gap of 10cms at the base of the apex to allow for ventilation.

Measure the width of you rafters and the distance between each rafter.  I then bought Kingspan 10cms sheets and some 12cms screws and several rolls of the special tap to seal gaps and edges.

Measure the 10cms from front (inside towards roof tiles and put in the screw.  Measure between the rafters and cut each length ensuring a snug fit.  Fit 4 opposing per cut sheet.  Press the cut to size piece to the screws and so on until you have the roof space covered.

When you are done, use tape to seal the gaps.

It important that there is an air gap between the tiles/roofing felt and the kingspan.  If not get less thick sheets.

It is worth researching this to make sure it is right for your roof.  My roof is 100+ years old.  It has worked well and no condensation problems.  It has also kept the loft relatively dust free.

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