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Topic: Re:Touch Typing
Posted by: V Killick
Date/Time: 01/08/15 15:11:00

First get a picture of the keyboard to look at when typing, the closer to life size the better. Your fingers rest lightly on the home keys at all times except when striking another key. You learn the whereabouts of the other keys in relation to the home keys. 
The F and J generally have a raised dot on them.  They are the home keys for your index fingers. Your other fingers rest on the 3 home keys either side, A S D and K, L, :. Your fingers lightly rest on the home keys at all times, except when striking another key. And your thumb rests on space bar.
Referring to the picture of the keyboard in front of you find the other keys with your relevant fingers.  Index fingers type those keys nearest to them - from the J, your right index also types Y, U, H, N & M, and from F, your left index types G, T, R, V and C, while your remaining fingers remain on the home keys.  Each finger types the keys closest to it, so your middle left finger will type D, E and C. Ditto the remaining keys. Place the picture of the keyboard in front of you. Look at this while you type but do not look down at your hands.  Then it is just practice. Practice common letter groups such as art, arm, ing, est, etc. It doesn't take long to get the hang of it. Good luck. You may be able to get a text book on touch typing from Amazon (I haven't looked)that would help, though really it is quite easy to learn.

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