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Topic: Touch Typing
Posted by: Delilah Hall
Date/Time: 31/07/15 09:50:00

I undertook an evening class 30 years ago to learn touch typing (I was a self-taught typist before then).

Went to the local college over a number of weeks. I do not know if colleges still offer this sort of class - but we used, at the time, 'Universal Typing' by Edith Mackay, Levels 1+2 (Pitman)

This book takes you right back to basics, helps unlearn any bad habits and really does get you up to speed. It starts you off as if you have never typed before. Also shows the correct setting out for business letters etc..

If you could get your hands on one (Ebay possibly?) I reckon it would help. It is a matter of getting the correct positioning of the hands and fingers and just practise, practise and more practise!

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