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Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 18/07/15 11:01:00

Passing over the bimboesque with a resigned sigh, I homed in on Mr Jennings' post in the knowledge that he knows his classical music.

Half an hour later, the fabulous Mitsuko sure isn't boring.  But David, I kind of know what you mean.

I don't know whether you've seen it, but even the brilliant (fabulous set and use of revolve) ROH production of Don Giovanni began to drag on a bit when I saw it for the third time recently.  Much of it remained exhilarating as usual.. but I caught a new feeling this time round and kept wanting Mozart's plot line to “get a blinkin' move on”.  Maybe it was the heat of the night – maybe I'm turning into a philistine ;)

Back to K466.  One of the principal things about Uchida, even beyond her talent, is her immediate visual impact when she's up there strutting her stuff.  And in this video (she both plays and conducts) we're treated to the full expression of her visual passion for the music.

Her bewitching genius needs to be seen almost as much as it needs to be heard.  And I wonder how much I'd have loved K466 had it been Barenboim I was watching and some stiff German symphony orchestra..   I don't know..  But thanks for the tip Richard!

I know you know your stuff in depth David, and that you're far more adventurous than me when it comes to concert going!  How many proms you got booked this year?

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