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Topic: Re:Driver
Posted by: Robin Cox
Date/Time: 14/07/15 23:04:00

Below, I shall refer to the driver as D and the passenger as P.

Are you looking for a driver-with-car-for-hire or a driver for P's car?

If the former, it is a hire-and-reward situation so these
journeys can only be legally be carried out by a taxi driver
(in a taxi) or a private hire driver (in a private hire vehicle and
prebooked through a licenced private hire operator), because
of the need for hire-and-reward insurance to be in operation.

Also, note that taxi and private hire drivers will have been CRB
checked to enhanced level in the last 3 years and will have passed
regular medicals in order to keep working.

If the latter, I assume that P's car will be used.

Whose insurance will cover this?

If P is no longer driving, then she will not be a "main driver"
on her own policy and it may not be as simple as adding D as a
named driver if in fact he will be the main driver.

If D's has insurance that applies to any other vehicle
(third party) his insurer may not be happy that this cover
is being used on a regular basis.

D will not have an insurable interest in P's car.

If there is a change of circumstances that the insurer is
unaware of they may refuse to pay out in the event of a claim.

I'm sure that P doesn't want to be driven while uninsured.

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