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Topic: Re:Driver
Posted by: John Hickman
Date/Time: 13/07/15 21:27:00

Hi Deborah

I am not volunteering as a driver, not having the time, not to mention having other similar responsibilities.

However, if you are not aware, if the "trips out" are within the congestion charge zone, you can register a number plate to make multiple trips per year within the congestion charge zone at a one time charge of (from memory) 10 per year. The prereq for this is a Blue Badge which appears to be fulfilled in this case.

Of course, if you have multiple drivers (with their own cars) then there may be a choice to make. I have not investigated whether you can register multiple number plates.

Please also be aware that Blue Badge parking has different rules in Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea. You have to park in a disabled bay. Parking on single or double yellow lines is NOT allowed. Nor is parking in "standard" parking bays,

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