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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 10/07/15 14:48:00

I got fed up being plagued with silent/unwanted marketing calls so I bought a phone that intercepts all incoming calls.It asks the caller to state who they are, it then puts the call through to you while holding the caller on hold.If you decide to take the call, it puts the call through, otherwise it tells the caller"this phone is not accepting calls from your number"and then hangs up.The phone stores the numbers of all callers, and lets you bar any numbers you don't wish to take calls from.If you get calls from friends etc, it will put these calls from certain numbers straight through without the interception.The phone is wonderful.It reduced our rubbish calls from about 3 per day, to a couple per month.These phones are now available for about 50.Worth every penny.

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