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Topic: Re:Re:Caller display
Posted by: Michael Robinson
Date/Time: 10/07/15 12:54:00

I think Virgin bundle Caller Display with a range of other features but I don't know what they charge for this and it may depend on what call plan you are on - you'd need to contact them.  There may be some negotiation about this - if they want to charge, say you are planning to leave and move to BT.

Once the feature is enabled, you would need a handset capable of displaying the number and if the handset has a directory function, it will be able to display the name as well.  More sophisticated phone systems allow you to synchronise your mobile phone directory with your landline phone directory.

If the phone rings, you can then check the number and if it isn't in the directory then you can just let the call go to an answering machine or service.

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