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Topic: Catheters
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 04/07/15 13:49:00

It was brilliant to have a discussion about catheters on Radio 4 this morning following a call for them to be improved.  Apparently there has been little change for the last 80 years.

An increasing number of the elderly are set home catheterised with the intention that they manage them themselves.  This can be a bit much when you are 90+.  A lot of the carers rushing round from client to client on minimum wage without their travel expenses being paid are dealing with these every day.

Uncomfortable and so problematic with regard to infections - nobody wants to change them because of the risk of infection. Have a too short one inserted and you can get painful blisters.

If they were improved it would also mean that fewer antibiotics were prescribed and the problems that we currently have with antibiotic resistance might be minimised.

Hurray for someone speaking out about something that too many will know nothing about (and shy from knowing about)....  until they or a loved one is sent home with one.

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