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Topic: Buying on line or over the phone
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 26/06/15 13:37:00

Earlier this month I ordered 10 X 25kg bags of smokeless fuel. The offer price on line was 15.60 per bag inc VAT and delivery with an additional discount of 60p per bag for summer orders. Because I wanted a specific day 3 weeks ahead for delivery I rang the distributor and placed my order and paid. Silly me, I did not check the price but assumed it would be the same. Incidentally, this same offer has been online since the beginning of May and I get constant reminders by email as to the advantages of taking up this offer before it runs out.

The delivery arrived this week as arranged and when checking the invoice I find that I have been charged 16.40 per bag. Needless to say I called the distributor to complain and have just been told that the higher price of 17 with 60p discount was levied because I had placed the order over the phone.

Nowhere on their site does it indicate that there would be a higher price charged for telephone orders and nor was I advised at the time of ordering that I would be paying more if the order was placed over the phone.

To my mind such a discrepancy is sharp practice particularly without any advanced warning on the web site or over the phone. I do understand that such a company would charge different prices for different areas, no doubt it is in relation to the distance from the depot - you do not get a price on the website unless you put in your postcode.

However, I have just received a call from a senior person at the distributors explaining that this is normal practice but he would, however, refund the 14 difference as a gesture of good will. I have accepted this gesture but am still not happy.

Perhaps someone out there can enlighten me as to the rights and wrongs of the distributor's selling practice.

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