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Posted by: R Rees Williams
Date/Time: 25/06/15 14:35:00

For me this is simply about personal choice and adapting to change. Amongst other things, delivery of any services will be influenced by new technology, economics, resource constraints, market forces etc. Some of these (sat nav, iphones , apps) have opened up the London taxi market, predominantly serviced by black cabs, to new business such as Uber et al; The cause of much debate, worry and anger.

Are Uber the perfect solution…no! Is the Black cab trade dead…no! Are the regulators managing this change
effectively…probably not and in my experience, they rarely do (mostly down to lack of funding, resourcing etc|). The problem for me is the myopic view of some black cab drivers (exemplified by a prolific pro black cab poster currently serving a self-imposed exile) that they have an unqualified right to the market along with their archaic ‘call to arms’ response.

With regard to my opening statement, there is a fantastic book called ‘who moved my cheese’ which is a parable that helps understand the value of what we have and how to deal successfully with change. This, and similar messages, may help convert this real / perceived problem into an opportunity for some? Anticipate, adapt and enjoy change?

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