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Posted by: Andrew Fairbrother
Date/Time: 25/06/15 14:06:00

I completely agree with Charles, and fail to see the concerns re safety. When you book an Uber cab you get immediate confirmation, on your phone or tablet, of the driver's name, his photograph, VRN and phone number. When you are dropped off, you get an email with a map of the route taken, a breakdown of the fare, and again a photograph of the driver. If you have any complaints or issues, in my experience these are easily and quickly dealt with either my emailing Uber or contacting the driver directly.

This is far more information than one would get travelling by black cab, where none of this sort of information is supplied (although I accept that if any issues do arise the passenger can easily get the VRN, driver name etc by looking at the licence details in the cab).

So, if one is (for the sake of argument) a bit worse for wear on an evening, I would feel much more reassured taking an Uber car where the precise details of driver, route taken etc etc are known and emailed to me.

As far as cost is concerned, there is simply no comparison. A friend of mine made the mistake (on the Uber app) of ordering a "Taxi" (the far right option on the app) to Heathrow from Chiswick. The Uber X fare estimate was 17 - 21 (so similar to Grove park cars) but a black cab turned up, and charged her the metered fare of 38. That was her mistake, but why anybody would pay more than double for a black cab is beyond me.

I have many other examples of Uber being significantly cheaper than black or minicabs. For example, a minicab from Chiswick to Twickenham Stadium is around 15 - 17, around 9 with Uber. Kew, around 10 by minicab, 5 with Uber. W1 (near Goodge St) to Chiswick and then on to Kew was around 18 with Uber; I'm not sure we'd have got past Notting Hill for that in a black cab.

All in all, I'm a big Uber fan, and if the black cabs want to compete they need (amongst other things) to seriously address their fare structures.

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