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Topic: Re:SERCO parking permits
Posted by: Alex Thomas
Date/Time: 24/06/15 12:15:00

No, you are not alone, no way Pedro.

I recently applied for a parking permit having had my old one 'taken' in error by the state (that's another story for another day). Anyway, I applied for a residents parking permit via SERCO and received the same acknowledgement. During that time I was issued with parking tickets outside my home which was I was compelled to pay, otherwise, with an outstanding PCN, I cannot get the permit. It took me three weeks, however a kind, senior councillor, took it forward for me and got SERCO to do their job. They then claimed that they had left a message on my answerphone weeks earlier to say that I had to make payment, hence the delay. Now, I do not believe that to be true, because I also had contacted them a few times on a current direct line, leaving messages, and sent an e-mail to a current, direct point of contact, and they never came back to me once. Plus, i always get my answer phone messages every day...... except on the odd occasion when there is a bit of state-funded back covering and closing ranks going on, ha.

So, i guess that makes me a whistle blowing, trouble making enemy of the state and general upstart then.

Assoiciated music... I'm an Upstart - The Angelic Upstarts (1979, Warner Bros)

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