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Topic: SERCO parking permits
Posted by: Martin John Stewart
Date/Time: 24/06/15 11:36:00

I recently submitted a request for parking permit renewal(5th June), but unfortunately after sending several reminders they have not responded at all. They send auto acknowledgements of your mail and that's all you get. Frustratingly Hounslow council do not provide telephone numbers for SERCO, but do advise you to use their own feedback/complaints procedure to escalate the issue.

Funny enough, after speaking with a couple of parking wardens, I managed to find online a number for SERCO and after going round the houses for a while they kindly forwarded me back to, yes you guessed, Hounslow council.

I can't be the only person experiencing this issue, and I see this developing into a vicious circle whereby people can't renew their permits and are subsequently fined.

I would appreciate any advice on this topic.

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