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Topic: Re:Re:Re:2 meals for 1 illusion.
Posted by: Neil Milkins
Date/Time: 23/06/15 22:19:00

Normally we give a tip, but unfortunately for the server I felt it was not going to happen when we had a meal for 4 on Saturday. My cousin and his wife from Greenford took us for a meal at a Marston pub in Brynmawr and the total cost for meals and drinks was nearly 60. It cost 4 more than if we have 2 separate bills. The ironic thing is that my cousin Len knew about the overcharging situation but had forgotton to ask for 2 separate bills.

Funny thing Bobby, all has been quiet recently on the murders, but by coincidence I had a call from a woman today who said she was certain her father was the killer. She said her father committed suicide in September 1964. When I told her that two of the murders were committed after that date she accepted that her theory must be wrong.
Regards. Neil Milkins.

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