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Topic: 2 meals for 1 illusion.
Posted by: Neil Milkins
Date/Time: 23/06/15 21:48:00

If you are attracted to the idea of getting 2 meals for the price of 1 such as offered by the Marston pub chain be warned.

If you go to one of these places with a friend or relative you will be fine. If for instance you had a meal that cost 18 each you will pay just 18 for the 2 meals. However if you had 2 meals costing 18 for 1 and 9 for the other you will still pay 18. Fair enough as the menu states the cheapest of the 2 is free.

However if you eat with say a couple of friends you must tell the staff that you want 2 separate bills or you you will be ripped off.

If you order 2 meals for 18 each and 2 meals for 9 each for your friends you would expect to pay 27 that is 18 for yours and 9 for your friends. But you WILL be charged 36 if you don't demand 2 separate bills.

Regards. Neil Milkins.

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