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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Widening of the M4
Posted by: Elizabeth Jane Daley
Date/Time: 21/06/15 09:34:00

As a very regular user of the M4 at least once a week to past Reading the work on the M4 would be a good thing. The area round Reading (junctions 10-12) is particularly busy as the junctions are close together so it is used by many as a 'reading bypass'. IMHO I cannot see that there will be a sudden increase in traffic and thus pollution (unless of course Heathrow is expanded which is a different issue). Stationary traffic causes more harm to air quality than traffic that is moving. The economic cost is also important as people generally go in their cars to earn or spend money so if they are sitting on or being held up on the motorway it is detrimental to the economy.

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