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Topic: Re:Pigeon droppings
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 10/06/15 15:14:00

...“Serious answers only please”......

Iris old thing.  On reflection, don't you agree life's just a little bit too short to go about local websites demanding folk be deadly serious about pigeon poo?

On the other hand, we have a similar problem (although currently not cherry coloured). 

So, off the top of my head here are a few things we could consider...

Obviously, number one - a tree climbing pussy cat would likely solve the problem

..  or a large net over the canopy of the tree (except the tits and robins might object). 

How about keeping a long bamboo cane by the tree, creeping up when the pigeon is above and then poking it up the bottom.  Pigeons are a bit like dogs, I'm told and readily respond to such training.  

Then there's powerful water pistols... or if one is extremely vexed one could get oneself a pet harrier hawk.

Failing that an air rifle...

Anyway, I wish you luck.  And if you find a solution do let us all know...

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