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Posted by: Chris Blishen
Date/Time: 03/06/15 13:16:00

I shall come to the CAF on 21st July re HH. Quite honestly HH are a waste of space. They don't respond to any communication and anyone I knew there has gone. I have been trying to get them to resurface Corney Road which is in a shocking state for 2 years as it was scheduled for 2016 and to my amazement they have pulled it forward to next week. On their website it shows Corney Road to be resurfaced in 2015 and 2016. They recently resurfaced Grantham Road but left about 20 metres at one end untouched. Dartmouth Place is in a poor state but they are not doing it yet; when John Todd actually made them reply to my email the letter said that there were no dates scheduled for Dartmouth Place despite the fact that their website shows it down for next year. I recently talked to one of their employees who was making preparations for the work next week and he said that it would be more cost effective if roads were redone together but politically HH are resurfacing in one place and then somewhere else to make the wholde borough feel the work is being done. Even though HH's communications are terrible I have some sympathy with them as I assume roads all over Hounslow are in an awful state after years of neglect. I don't undertand why roads are resurfaced which appear to be in an acceptable condition and when the Manager of the whole department visited me some time ago I couldn't get a satisactory answer.
One last point, despite the fact that Corney Road is down to be redone next week, last week I met a representative of HH whom was surveying the street (and others) to see if it needed doing. You couldn't make it up!

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