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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Grove Park Roads
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 24/05/15 19:23:00

I think it depends which road you are reporting the problem on, and the severity of the problem you are reporting.I have reported the A4 on the slip road eastbound numerous times.It seems to crack on the brow of the slip, and this crack, which usually goes across the entire carriageway, then starts to break up.It is incredibly dangerous to motorcyclists because if you are on a bike,you can't actually see the crack until you are on top of it.Most times they come along and pour tarmac into the crack within a week or two, and that normally holds for a couple of months.If they don't do that, and it starts to break up, it breaks up really quickly, and trenches 6-8 inches deep can appear.If I report it when it has got to this bad, it's usually repaired within a few days.I reported it in this state once when the front wheel of my Harley disappeared into a deep hole.It was only the fact that my Harley is such a heavy bike, I managed to keep it upright.But it did buckle the wheel, which cost 300 to have straightened.On this occasion, because of the severity of the pothole, it was repaired overnight.They usually just throw a couple of shovels of tarmac in these deep potholes, and tamp it
down.Usually it just breaks up again within a couple of weeks, so they have to do it again.When I emailed them after my wheel was buckled, I actually told them that if they just patch it again, they will have to come back in a few weeks to repair it again.They actually took notice of what I said and they re-surfaced the entire area

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