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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Welcome to Ruth Cadbury!
Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 24/05/15 10:17:00

Brigadier, I used the term ‘confetti’ as opposed to wreckage, debris etc. to describe a crash site, which had an unusual wide spread of plane parts, which were particularly small. I wasn’t referring to ‘body parts’ at all, as you well know, you disgusting old clod.

You also know what I’m referring to regarding the other matter when I stated that Cameron had pledged to scrap The Human Rights Act. Why would I want to repost a list of unnecessarily impolite comments on here to satisfy a rude dunce like you?

Should you decide to scrape the barrel even further and reply with more distasteful comments and false claims, I’ve prepared your plagiaristic subject title, which you seem to have developed a weird obsession with.  Just copy and paste:

Re:Re:MCB News

P.S. Well done, again, to Chiswick voters for not being fooled by Cameron, who has pledged to take away our Human Rights, and bring in a new law to end our freedom of thought, belief and expression..

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